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Scull Boat

A scull boat, by definition, is a boat-like vessel that is typically used for a form of competition rowing known as sculling.

However, it can also be commonly found in use by hunters to gently maneuver their way across water bodies such as ponds and lakes to be able to hunt birds such as ducks from the water.

Sculling is a unique water sport that involves propelling a scull boat forward through the use of oars that hit the water on both sides of the boat.

While in competition rowing a scull boat is used by a team of rowers, some scull boats are designed to be put to use by a single occupant rowing both oars of the boat alone. 

These are generally known as being a single scull boat. There are also double and quad scull boats which are manned by two and four persons respectively.

A scull boat was originally made from wooden materials but more modern designs are comprised of a sort of a composite material such as fiber glass, due to the lesser weight and durability.

In Olympic sculling, a scull boat is required to be at least 30.8 pounds in weight and boats entered into these competitions are usually around 27 feet long, although they do come built in several different varying lengths.

Many online retailers produce scull boats in many different specifications. Some scull boats are designed in varying weights, the most common being between 80 and 100 pounds but others come as light as 30 pounds or as heavy as 200 pounds.

Believe it or not, these not so common boats can be easily found via online stores. Many online retailers offer these boats in varying lengths, depths, occupancy numbers and designs.

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There are several websites that offer these boats at reasonable prices. The things you should think about when going to purchase a scull boat are things like what you are planning on using the boat for, what material you want the boat to be made of and the number of people you need to seat.



If you plan on using the scull boat for athletic purposes, whether it be competitive or not, you should look into purchasing a lighter craft made with a sturdy material such as fiber glass.

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If, on the other hand, you are browsing around for a scull boat for recreational or leisure desires, you may want to look for a larger craft that provides ultimate comfort and an easy ride.

Also be sure to purchase a scull boat that has enough seating for the desired number of occupants that you have in mind. Remember that you can very quickly and easily find a scull boat of any specification right from your computer by browsing online stores.

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